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Sacred Sound Concert with Ajeet Kaur

& Kundalini Yoga workshop


"Dear friends in Europe. I couldn’t be more excited to be heading your way again this Spring!   I hope you can join us for a concert or yoga workshop."



Heilige Magdalenakerk Brugge -  March 31, 2019​

Stalijzerstraat 19, 8000 Brugge

Yoga workshop 16h00-17h30 (doors open 15h30)

Concert 18h30-20h30 (doors open 18h00)


What a joy to welcome Ajeet again in Belgium!  Her new album will be released soon, her first indpendent and self-produced album.  Each song feels like a world in itself, with many layers and stories beneath it. I hope these songs enrich your journey ahead and take you deep into the indigo waters within.

With her beautiful voice & her radiant presence she will touch your soul deeply and make you shine.   Her songs are soothing, her voice warms your heart, brings inner peace, she shares a wisdom and takes you back to your centre, to your purest essence.
Ajeet has the power to move you, to bring you into a different state, a different world. Close your eyes and let yourself drift away on the waves of her beautiful voice. Enter into a world that you know, a world your heart knows, a world of light, of love..... An afternoon with her will touch your soul & make you shine!

What a bliss to host an afternoon full of yoga, chanting and dancing....

Ajeet Kaur's music is a meeting of rivers. Her love of yoga, meditation and sacred music meet her upbringing with traditional Irish music and her unwavering love of poetry through song.


Growing up in a musical and spiritual home, her discovery of sacred music and yoga practice to heal began at a young age. Inspired by her practice of yoga, music and healing,

Her music has taken her all over the world, sharing song and healing in communities across the globe. Collaboration is central in her work, and some of her collaborators include Snatam Kaur, Trevor Hall, and Peia. She has released five albums, which have been celebrated as #1 on the iTunes world chart, and Billboard Top 10 new age chart. Her band members and collaborators help to weave the web of her songs both live in concert and in her released music. Her newest album, “Indigo Sea” is a love-labor which was self-recorded and crowd- funded by her fans and supporters.

For the Yoga workshop, please remember to bring your yoga matt!  For the concert we can foresee chairs.

NL - Ajeet Kaur komt terug naar België, en daar kijken wij naar uit.  Haar nieuwe album komt één dezer uit, een onafhankelijk en volledig zelf geproduced album.  Elk nummer voelt als een wereld op zich, met verschillende lagen en verhalen.  Wij hopen dat deze songs je pad mogen verrijken en dat ze je meenemen op een diepe reis in je eigen Indigo waters.....


Ajeet Kaur is een frisse verschijning in de wereld van de sacred chant. Zij groeide op in een warm, muzikaal en spiritueel nest waardoor zij al op heel jonge leeftijd sacred chants en yoga als heling kon ervaren.  Haar laatste cd "Indigo Sea" is een product van liefde, door haar zelf geschreven, geproduced en gefinancierd door haar fans en supporters.  Haar muziek raakte al ontzettend veel harten en brengt heling en rust, een mooi geschenk in deze verwarrende tijden.


Ajeet trad eerder op met artiesten zoals Snatam Kaur, C.C.White....  Absolute aanrader!

Voor de yoga workshop zeker niet vergeten je yoga mat mee te brengen, voor het concert kunnen wij stoelen voorzien.

FR - L'étonnante Ajeet Kaur retourne en Belgique, avec sa douce voix, son énergie positive, son cœur paisible, ses merveilleux mantras…

Ajeet Kaur est une nouvelle voix dans le monde des chants sacrés.  Elle a grandi entourée de musique et de spiritualité.  Sa découverte de la musique sacrée et de la pratique du yoga comme moyens de guérison a commencé dès le plus jeune âge.  Elle a publié 5 albums de musique sacrée. Le plus récent, Indigo Sea, a été Crée par elle même et financé par ses fans.  Elle a touché le coeur de beaucoup de gens et leur a apporté un sentiment de guérison et de paix.


Elle s’est produite avec des artistes comme Snatam Kaur, C.C. White.


N'oubliez pas votre matelas de yoga pour le workshop!

Yoga & Chant Workshop 16h00 - 17h30
Sacred Chant Concert: 18h30-20h30

Workshop only, 16:00 - 17:30 (doors open 15:30)
Early Bird: 40 euro - SOLD OUT
Pre Sale : 45 euro 

Concert only, 18.30- 20.30 (doors open 18:00)
Early Bird: 30 euro  - SOLD OUT
Presale: 35 euro

Combiticket concert en workshop
Early Bird : 60 euro - SOLD OUT
Pre Sale: 70 euro

Kids under 5 - free entrance

Kids from 6-16: Concert 15euro, Workshop 20euro, duo 30euro

Tickets:  SOLD OUT!


On the workshop

In Ajeet’s Rhythm of The Ancients workshop you will connect with your voice in connection to the sounds and healing methods of our ancestors! Since ancient times people have used music, movement and the human voice as instruments for healing. In this workshop Ajeet will share ancient practices, yoga, meditation and music to experience the stillness, peace and freedom that is our most natural state.These ancient practices have an incredible capacity to open us in profound ways, to peel away the layers of fear and hesitation, opening us to an experience of deep connection. Part of dwelling in that essence is finding our own unique ways of living in service, of carrying the healing we receive from our practice out into the world. 

Please bring your yogamat, blanket, bottle of water. ThX! 


Info: 0478/60 60 86

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