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-  Laboratorium Piesni   |  Hé oyáte tour  -
Live Concert in Belgium

-  21 May 2023  -

Female power in all its beauty, voices that make your hair rise, your heart beat faster

& songs that will bring you back to ancient cultures and traditions....  
What a journey, what a joy to have them in Belgium again !

fot. Anna Maria Biniecka_4.JPG

Laboratorium Pieśni (Song Laboratory) is coming back to Belgium to sing the songs of the roots and hearts in female polyphony, celebrating the birth of the newest album of the group, “Hé oyáte”!

Hé oyáte kiŋháŋ – My Tribe
     This is me
     I love this life path
     I went through a difficult time...
     To get here.


There is a song that is always waiting for you. It reminds you of the simplest things. Open your heart, expand your understanding, open yourself to the primal memory of who you really are. You are the song and the song is you. Take a deep breath and release it. It will become a wild river that will fill your life, taking you to the source.
This song is your life.


Our Tribe ! We would love to invite you to a concert celebrating the music of the World and Universe – the newest, upcoming “Hé oyáte” album, filled with polyphonic traditional songs of different cultures, as well as original intuitive compositions, dreamed up words, melodies and stories, in the rhythm of shamanic drums, nature sounds and Earth’s pulse. Let’s honour our paths and let’s meet within the music, to sing, dance, breathe, connect with our own truth and heart, in the lightness of a leaf dancing in the wind, in the flow of the river of life, power and wisdom of ancient forests.

fot. Anna Maria Biniecka_.jpg

When : Sunday, May 21 @ 19h00


Where : Cultuurcentrum Mechelen (church), Minderbroedersgang 5, 2800 Mechelen

How to get there : click here

Let's carpool :

Laboratorium Pieśni (Song Laboratory) is a group of 8 female singers from Tri-City (Poland).

Using traditional, polyphonic singing they perform songs from all over the world : Ukraine, Balkans, Poland, Belarus, Georgia, Scandinavia and many other places. 

They sing a capella as well as with shaman drums and other ethnic instruments (shruti box, kalimba, flute, gong, zaphir and koshi chimes, singing bowls, rattles etc.), creating a new space in a traditional song, adding voice improvisations, inspired by sounds of nature, often intuitive, wild and feminine.

The traditional songs are often brought from their source - different regions of Poland, Europe and world, by the members of the group - having their unique history and evolving in the course of work. Finally they are performed in a new form - traditional or enriched.

Laboratorium Pieśni is a winner of TRYTON PRIZE on FAMA Festival 2014 for the greatest artistic personality of the festival.

Voices : Alina Jurczyszyn, Kamila Bigus, Lila Schally-Kacprzak, Iwona Majszyk, Magda Jurczyszyn, Klaudia Lewandowska, Alina Klebba, Karolina Stawiszyńska.



Ticket sales starts on January 21 @ 9:00 am
Early Bird (limited number) : 35 €
Regular Ticket : 40 €
At the door : 45 €
Children up to 14years : 15 €


Don't wait to book your tickets to avoid disappointment.
Come be with us on this wonderful journey of the heart !

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