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Bhakti Sisters
Christmas Eve Chanting Circle

Come be with us, let's sing on this festival of light.

Let's sing for hope, for peace, let's connect from the heart and nourish the Soul


Christmas is a festival of light. It is the darkest time of the year. Connection touches us, in singing together, being together, sharing together.

We invite you to an evening of singing, lots of singing, for ourselves, for the earth, for the water, the fire, the air and for love.... We sing mantras, old power songs, connecting songs - simple, to sing along or to thrive on the sounds.


Welcome to celebrate this evening together.


We provide tea, water & healthy sweets 



About the Bhakti Sisters


The Bhakti Sisters are Conny Vercaigne, Anja Louisa Desmet & Jyoti Elke Delfosse (founder of Soul Happenings).

They have been singing together for many years, in different settings, with different musicians and for different occasions.  Their music is a mix of own songs and covers. 


The power lies in their voices that blend beautifully together, in their joy of chanting together, in the way they hold space for one another. 


They have been singing in chanting circles with Kevin James Carroll & Susana.

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