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Kevin James Carroll
Heartsongs Chanting Circle
Fall Edition!

Saturday, September 25, 18h00

Soul Happenings' Garden

Open Air concert!

We had such a wonderful concert with Kevin and Susana in May and a magical week of chanting with them in Corfu that we are over-excited to let you know that they will be back!

We will organise an open air concert on Saturday September 25.  We won't have a tent this time, so please send sunny vibes, do your sun-dance and be prepared for anything.

When Kevin & Susana hold their circles there is a joy rising.  They bring so much love and connection, so needed these days.  So come and join us for some magic in our garden.....

Kevin James is a man of the heart, bringer of love and joy, creator of beauty.  He's a chant leader from Australia with a unique ability to lead a room into ecstatic bliss and heart connection.

For the last 7 years, he has been traveling the world constantly, with the intention of joining hearts together with Mantra and Heartsong, to re-connect and remember who we are beyond the illusions of ego.  Kevin believes from this state of being we can be harmonious in our existence…

K. J. "My journey has been inspired by many teachers, the most important of these being my mother. Here’s one of her wise quotes that influenced my journey. When I was in my 20’s I came home from a protest and my mother said…

“Son, why do you fight the mirror? If you want to create a positive change in this world, just create something so beautiful that others want to be a part of it.”


“Sing mantras, dance and fly together in the group consciousness, devotion and community spirit.  Kevin James' music is a world fusion of chanting.  Weaving ancient mantra's with his own prayers and heart songs."

Venue:  Soul Happenings' Garden, Sparrenweg 10, 3051 Sint-Joris-Weert

We will follow the required protocol and respect rules and regulations to make this a wonderful and safe gathering.  Numbers, timing & location may change, according to the government's regulations

This is an outdoor concert, We won't have a tent this time, so please be prepared for sun (protection, mosquito repellent) or rain (umbrella, rain jacket)

Price:  30euro

Children under 11 years: free

Children 11-18 year: 15euro

Quotes from previous circles…


“Your music has always given me that feeling of home, that everything was going to be ok, even when my surroundings didn’t feel ok. That oneness is possible. That there’s hope/light in the darkest of situations.” S.M.


“What a kind and gentle man and how inspiring. He made 150 souls shine and together with him, we were like swimming in a pool of positive energy, love and togetherness. Hope to join you again next time.” A.K.


“What an incredibly nourishing deep evening, feeling sound move through me in new ways opening up places that are longing also to be seen. A truly magical night of deep awakening and healing love. Thank you with love and gratitude.” P. X

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