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Peia Luzzi in concert

 September 2, 2017 - 19h00

Workshop on September 3, 2017 - 14h00-17h00

What a joy to have Peia back!  If you missed her last year, make sure you don't this time.  It might be her last concert in Belgium.  She has decided to stop touring.


Peia is a vocalist, composer and Sacred Song preserver of traditions that span across the globe. She has traveled extensively and studied from the rich lineages of Medieval Chant, Bulgarian and Celtic Folk Music, Indian Classical Raga and Medicine songs from the Native peoples of North and South America.

Gifted with a broad, soaring vocal range and crystaline tone she sings with depth and beauty, moving audiences to tears and inviting listeners to reconnect with one’s own purpose and the heart of Earth. Accompanying herself with Charango, Harmonium, and Guitar, Peia’s music creates an organic sound scape for vibrational healing.

Peia is zangeres en componiste, zij hecht enorm veel belang aan oude tradities van over de hele wereld. Zij heeft veel gereisd en studeerde onder meer Middeleeuwse zang, Bulgaarse en Keltische Folk, Indische Klassieke Raga en Medicijn liederen van de Natives van Noord en Zuid America.

Met haar kristalheldere stem, een enorm stem-bereik, haar bezieling, warmte en schoonheid, ontroert zij haar publiek tot tranen toe. Zij brengt mensen weer in contact met hun eigen levensdoel en met het hart van onze aarde. Zij begeleidt zichzelf met Charango, Harmonium en gitaar 



"It's true, I've decided to stop touring and for how long, is still unknown. I've been incredibly fortunate to have been carried across the world on the wings of music for the past five years and now it is time for me to slow down, dig my hands back into the earth, grow a garden, and return to the original spark of creativity and passion that nourishes both my artistic expression, and my body. I will continue to make music for the rest of my life, of that much I am certain and I will be announcing what I will be up to for the next year shortly. Thank you deeply for all of your incredible support and love, it is deeply felt and reciprocated. ♥"

Concert on Saturday, September 2, 19h00
CC Merksem, Nieuwdreef 135, 2170 Merksem

Regular tickets - valid till August 31: 25euro

At the door: 30euro

Workshop on Sunday, September 3, 14h00-17h00

Koningsteen, Oxdonkstraat 168, 1880 Kapelle-op-den-Bos


Regular tickets - valid till August 31: 70euro

At the door: 80euro

Duo-tickets (concert & workshop)

Regular tickets - valid till August 31: 85euro

At the door: 95euro

For tickets: click here

For the concert, we give you the option to order a delicious vegetarian dinner between 17.45 & 18.45, made by Govinda Box - You have to order in advance

Wij bieden jullie bij dit concert ook graag de kans om te genieten van een heerlijke vegetarisch maaltijd tussen 17.45 & 18.45, bereid door Govinda Box- op voorhand te bestellen.


Aubergine, Spinach Chickpea Subji
Steamed Rice
Russian Salad
Mango Chutney
Raspberry Cheesecake

For the price of 15euro – to be ordered in advance by mail to
Please mention “Dinner Concert Peia ” in your mail and in your payment message.

At the same time, please transfer the amount due to
BE12 0689 0639 3992 of Centre de Bhakti Yoga vzw (Oudergemlaan 197, 1040 Etterbeek)

Workshop info:

Song of the Ancients: Vocal Cultivation with Peia


Each one of us is gifted with a uniquely beautiful voice. Open to the transcendental sound within you guided by the wisdom and expertise of Archival Songstress Peia Luzzi.

Through an embodied practice, rooted in the breath you will learn: healthy body alignment for optimal sound production,how to ground and harness the of power of the breath from your deep core, how to tap into the natural resonance of your voice.

Working with tools from the ancient Indian alchemy of Raga we will enter a meditative practice know as “The Yoga of Sound.” We gain deeper understanding of the physical inner-workings of the voice from Vocal Pedagogy and learn to sing with grace, power, flexibility and ease.

This workshop is beneficial for singers on all stages of the journey, from very beginner to advanced. The First part of this workshop will focus on vocal embodiment and cultivation tools, and the second part we’ll be learning a song from one of the many lineages that Peia is carrying.

“My journey with world folksong traditions began many years ago while studying at New England Conservatory in Boston. Much to the dismay of my Opera professors, I found myself enthralled with the alluring beauty and mystery of traditional folk music. This fascination, along with a bit of old Irish wanderlust, poised me for a journey that led me to seek a lost culture and reconnect with the songs of my ancestors in ancient Europe.”

::::Like water be gentle and strong:::: 
Gentle enough to follow the natural paths of the earth and strong enough to rise up and reshape the world


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