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Netanel Goldberg - Waves Back Home
Concert & Workshop
November 18, 19

The power of music to heal the world

"I bow to Life - to all the waves of the One"


Netanel Goldberg is a unique international voice artist with a tremendous, exciting and powerful vocal range (Counter-tenor), ranging from a connection to high and heavenly frequencies to a penetrating and deep voice.

A ladder between heaven and earth, spirit & body, a bridge between the ancient and the new.

Netanel is a mentor of soul singing ceremonies around the world.

A space that invites and encourages honest connection in shared and powerful singing.

A place that allows deep and powerful connection with what lives within us and give it expression with our voice, heart, body & soul.

“Every song is a prayer

Every prayer is a longing

Yearning for connection

Among all the worlds"

Netanel grew up on classical, Jewish music. For a family of singers and prayer leaders, he sings in his mother tongue in the ancient Hebrew & English, with each language expressing a unique quality to it.

Plus, Netanel channels languages ​​from other worlds that express emotion without definitions and labels. This creates a direct connection to the heart, and sweeps the people into a prayer house, a living, throbbing temple full of harmony and healing.


Over the years he has created a unique and mesmerizing sound signature that connects to all layers of the soul and creates direct healing to the heart.

Netanel has created alternative spaces for prayer in it for all faith and religion, women, and men from all over the world can connect and bring powerful healing for themselves and for the world.

This is the power of a shared global connection.


Each such concert is a powerful, deeply touching and transformative ceremony where he creates an unconditional connection between all present. We all influence and are affected by what is created in this sacred spiral. 


When :

Concert - Saturday, November 18 @ 19h00

Workshop - Sunday, November 19 @ 11h00


Where : Irish College

Janseniusstraat 1, 3000 Leuven

How to get there : click here

Let's carpool : 

We are holy – we are here to live this life

Waves back Home - the concert

Huge waves are passing through us, especially in recent times. Every wave asks for acknowledgement and love, like a child seeking for good eyes and recognition.

I believe all the waves carry us home, to the heart, to a place of knowledge and inclusion, to a place of silence, where we feel at home. A place where everything that lives through us has space. A loving heart, kind eyes.


Music, singing and prayer have tremendous power in passing these waves, in a way that gives strength and reminds the essence of things. Music connects the worlds, religions and beliefs. Music is like water, it flows to the deepest places.

I invite you to dive into this ocean with me and together we will create a sincere connection between the hearts. We will move beyond the definitions, to a place where the music embraces everything, touches everything.

To a space of Oneness.


Netanel's concerts are like a ceremony, you dive deep and the more you invest, the more it will bring you...


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Tickets Concert

Early Bird Ticket (limited number) - 35€

Regular Ticket - 40€

Door Ticket - 50€

Kids 6-16 yo : 20€

Tickets Workshop

Early Bird Ticket (limited number) - 100€

Regular Ticket - 110€

Door Ticket - 120€

Tickets Combi - Concert & Workshop

Regular Ticket - 130€

Door Ticket - 145€

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Come be with us on this wonderful journey of the heart !

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About the workshop - True to my Heart

A day journey in singing & praying with Netanel Goldberg


Singing and prayer have enormous powers to deepen our life experiences. In all their shades and waves.. Singing, breathing, sharing, listening are tools that express what lives inside us, in the depths of our souls, in the chambers of our being. Sometimes we walk in the world with the feeling that we are alone, going through things alone. But when there is an opportunity for honest sharing in singing, speaking, moving, listening attentively and lovingly, we discover that we have partners, that we all go through deep and similar things to each other, and the very meeting and closeness allows us to receive healing powers and recollection in our personal, private, global, communal light.


I invite you to a journey day where we will use the power of singing and prayer, listening, sharing and movement to deepen our life experience, and we will receive tools that will allow us to sail these waves of life with an open and exposed heart.


No singing experience is required, only the desire to go deep inside, to open your heart.

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