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Mantras for the Heart

Soul Happenings

Sparrenweg 10, 3051 Sint-Joris-Weert

September 17, 19h30

"Home in this heart I am... maybe I do not always feel at home in my body, or on my path, in this life, and even though I go through my ups and downs, and my heart aches at times... my Heart is always holding a sacred and safe space for me to come home to. Often it doesn't take much... a deep breath, bringing my awareness inwards, toning, singing... And especially singing with others."    



Also this feels like ages ago, the last time we had Suyana in the house.  And so we are welcome to open our home to a beautiful mantra circle. So happy to welcome her back.  


With the voice of an angel, she will take you on a magical journey, straight into the heart. Her mantra's and songs will for sure touch you deeply and invite you to open up your heart, your voice and to sing with us - even if you've been told a thousand times before that you cannot sing. And if you feel like only listening and diving deeper into the sound, that is welcome.  


This is Your time, time to feel, to heal, to nourish & to connect with yourself and others.  


Come be with us on this wonderful journey of the heart!  


Registration is needed -

Participation 25euro - to be paid at the door (cash only)

September 17 @ 19h30

Location - Sparrenweg 10, 3051 Sint-Joris-Weert




How to get there:

* by train/bus - Sint-Joris-Weert train station is about 15 min walk

* by car - we are in the forest, so please carpool!

* Parking

     A few cars can park close to the house,

     more places are available in one of the open fields close to the house

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