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Chanting Circle/Concert with

Suyana Ka (Veer Le)

Suyana is coming back to Belgium - what a joy!

Koningsteen -  November 25, 2017​

"Het Ateljee"

Oxdonkstraat 168 - Kapelle-op-den-Bos

Concert 19h30 (doors open 19h00)


Suyana is coming back to Belgium & that makes us very happy!
It's such a joy to sing with her, to listen to her amazing voice, she "brings you back home", deep within yourself.....

This will be an evening of connection, magic, joy, chanting and pure bliss!

"We are coming together, to listen to the soft whispers of our hearts, and to the wisdom of our souls. To be moved by the magic and mystery of singing mantras, to release, to recharge... and to experience deep gratitutde for life itself" - Suyana

Do you want to listen to some of her music?

Price: 19euro

Limited number of tickets, so book fast....

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