Nirinjan Kaur

In February 1988, Nirinjan Kaur was born in Vancouver, B.C. to a family of practicing Kundalini Yogi, Sikhs. Her mother, Guru Raj Kaur Khalsa, is also a Kirtan artist, and had sung for years before Nirinjan's birth. One song in particular, "Narayan", was recorded by Guru Raj Kaur while she was pregnant with Nirinjan, and it ended up being used extensively by Yogi Bhajan in his classes and even White Tantiric yoga courses at the time. As Nirinjan grew up, she remembers accompanying her mother to different events, kirtans, or classes, where her mother would teach and sing. Her father, Hari Singh Khalsa, is a music producer, and helped Guru Raj Kaur with much of her music production. Both parents were constantly teaching Kundalini Yoga, or in her father's case, working with music production, on a daily basis. She also has one older sister, Ong Kar Kaur Khalsa, who was a teenager when Nirinjan was born.