Opening of the Heart

Chanting Circle with Veer Le

December 18 - 17h00


Coming together to listen to the soft whispers of our hearts, and to the wisdom of our higher selves...  To be moved by the magic and mystery of singing mantras...  To release, to recharge... and to feel the deep gratitude for life iself.


With this circle Veer Le wants to offer a place for people to deeply reconnect with themselves, and to tune into the healing vibrations of the heart.  The space that is opened is a place where one can reconnect to oneself on a deep level.  Where one can tune into the energetic field that is created and surrender to a place of deep release, rejuvenation and recalibration...... 

Everyone joining is contributing to and co-creating the space through his or her presence and awareness. This includes the tears and laughter, the joy and the pain that might come to the surface. All this is welcome in this sacred space that is the ‘opening of the heart’

Throughout the evening, the opportunity is created to dive deep inside and to connect your inner world with the outer world and express this unification through the voice.
Whether you’re an experienced singer or never sing, when all present are sharing their presence through unified sound-vibration, an energetic field is created that holds a strong resonance. And this is where the retuning of body&soul happens and the magic is felt … when all voices come together, raise as one; when all hearts open and each person present tunes into the sacred flow of sound healing vibration.

It has been and is my absolute pleasure and honor, to offer these singing circles, and to experience so much beauty through this sharing.


Will you join us for another beautiful evening?


Limited seats - so early reservation needed.... 

Date: December 18  @ 17h00


Where:  Soul Happenings living room,

                Sparrenweg 10 - 3051 Sint-Joris-Weert