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from the Fire of Passion, to the Flame of the Spirit

October 28, 2017 - 20h00


Mystical Performance created & directed by Lalita Devi

Dance, Music and Poetry as language of the Soul .

In this journey, the audience will be taken to a world of Search, Longing and Passion.  Where the invocation of Love will fill you with Beauty, Feeling and deep Inspiration.


"Love is like Fire

No body can travel into Love

and remain the same"


Dancers:   Aroa Sanz Tellerié, Vida Es Adaptacion, Iura Foguet, Claudia Caldera, Tessi Ladera, Lydia Zubizarreta, Ainhoa Paños Larrea & Lalita Devi.

Live Music: Ido Segal 



Many have seen Lalita dance during Mirabai Ceiba's concert 2 years ago - pure grace, female power, divine energy....

Dance & live music on Saturday, October 28, 20h00
CC Merksem, Nieuwdreef 135, 2170 Merksem

Early bird tickets - valid till September 10:  22euro

Regular tickets - valid till October 28: 28euro


We give you the option to order a delicious vegetarian dinner between 18.30 & 19.45, made by Govinda Box -  to be ordered in advance

Vegetarian Kuram (veggies in coconut sauce)


Carrot Salad

Beetroot Hummus

Spelt Crackers

Chocolate & Peanut Butter Oat Bar

Price:  15euro – to be ordered in advance by mail to
Please mention “Dinner LOVE ” in your mail and in your payment message.

At the same time, please transfer the amount due to
BE12 0689 0639 3992 of Centre de Bhakti Yoga vzw (Oudergemlaan 197, 1040 Etterbeek)



Lalita is a Holistic dancer who sees Dance as the language of the Soul 

and integrates it within its Mystical, Energetic and Ritual aspect.


Her special way of embracing the art of dance, creates a union between the beauty of the tradition, the plasticity of the contemporary expression and the spirituality of the temple-body.


As a true passionate of the oriental culture and traditions she studies and dives into a variety of dance forms, such as Indian Dance, Persian Dance and Sufi whirling.


Lalita’s Mystical dance is based on those studies and experiences, as she developes her own personal style and language.

As part of a personal process of self awakening she creates the method “Kundalini Dance”:  Sacred Ritual Dance and Holistic feminine movement. 


Lalita is the founder of “Sarasvati Espacio Holistico” in Madrid, a space for wellbeing through the conscious art forms.  As well as the artistic director of SarasvatiDanza , a dance school and a professional dance collective in Madrid.  

She is a Creator and Artistic Director of LOVE, Mystical Performance of Dance, Music & Poetry, and she has been directing her professional LOVE Dance Collective, since 2014. 


Lalita has received the National Award in Ethnology of Dance and Preservation of National Heritage through Dance, by the Foundation " Cultura Viva" on Madrid in 2015.


She currently offers training, workshops, retreats & performances in different locations in Spain and allover Europe.  She finds an immense pleasure of accompanying hundreds of women in their process of personal transformation,

Remembering their infinite potential through dance.

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