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Intimistic piano Concert with Sarah Wendt



Her music is soothing, she feels the energy of the moment and plays what is, every piece an improvisation, a representation of us, the audience....

As we go towards the end of the year and as fall is really kicking in, I feel the desire to go inside, to look for silence and music to ease the soul.


Will you join us for a beautiful evening?  A piano concert by the fire, with a cup of fresh ginger tea and good company....

Met het eindejaar in zicht, nu de herfst ons helemaal heeft ingepalmd, verlang ik meer een meer naar rust,  stilte en muziek die de ziel zachtjes beroert .  

Vergezel jij ons op een warme herfst avond?  Een piano concert, bij het haardvuur, een kop verse gemberthee en goed gezelschap....

Sarah says: I started playing the piano when I was 6 years old. From the beginning my first teacher was very special to me.  Instead of insisting on perfection in implementation, he always told me to play with emotion and from my heart. Influenced by him, I felt the need to share my thoughts as a musician and started my first baby steps in composition, playing, practicing and exploring.

Later on, I felt the need to change my teacher and so in the following years I focused on technique. I became more and more successful, was winning competitions and getting closer to perfection playing what I was told to, becoming what I did not want to be. 

My whole existence seemed to be circling around classical piano music, barely playing my own melodies, not expressing my emotions, but practicing and practicing for long hours every day. It took me a long time to find my way back to music and to myself. At a certain moment, listening to piano music even became impossible.

I was lost for some years. 

Eventually I outgrew the voices of technical perfection and accepted that life and music is beautiful in its variances, and things never turn out as expected. 

This is why even a composed piece of mine is never played the same way - I may start with the theme, but then just go with the flow.

Music is energy. Music is truth. For me, when playing the piano, emotions are not to be held back. Playing the piano means to live, to feel alive, to share my soul.

Together, we will share the moment and walk the path of time....


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